Clear Ball Pencil by Satyamani-SMAS2148N

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        Satyamani Natural Black Agate with Sacred Star Symbol Pendulum For Reiki Black Agate brings the great spirit into one life. It attracts good fortune an increases concentration and clarity. It promotes goodwill. It aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. Agate's energy helps in overall balancing yin/yang energy, brings courage, protection and calmness. It connects energies with the Earth's vibrations. Inspires a sense of inner stability and affords rest to the soul. Stimulates the function of the cerebellum and the lymph system. Strengthens the immune system and helps against. A pendulum can be used for checking the health and spin of the chakras prior to a Reiki Session. When checking the seven major chakras, they will spin in a 6 wide clockwise circle when they are open and œnormal. Any other spin is not œnormal and indicates an area that needs extra Reiki. These other spins could be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, elliptical, counter-clockwise, or even completely still.
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        Product Name Clear Ball Pencil by Satyamani-SMAS2148N
        Color Transparent
        Material Semi-Precise
        Style Pendulum
        Dispatch Days 3 Days
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