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What should a Girl wear on festive occasions and qualities of an ideal Festival dress

Festivals and occasions are some of the most prominent days in any culture. As all your loved ones unite on these special days. It becomes absolutely crucial for you to look your best, which would make everyone turn their heads to catch a glimpse of you. Festival dresses must be compatible with the type of occasion; otherwise, you may end up being a mockery. Thus there are many fashion guides on the internet, which would elevate your style quotient on special occasions like festivals. As Diwali is an auspicious occasion, any modern or traditional ethnic wear would seal the deal. Diwali dresses may include Lehengacholis, salwar suits and dupattas as well. For more mature women, Ethnic silk Sarees would be an ideal pick.

 Someone wearing a western outfit on such auspicious occasion would seem a bit odd, thus to maintain the essence and modesty of this auspicious festival, an ethnic Indian dress would be Ideal. For eid clothing, a well-embroidered sharara ,salwar suit, or a vintage lehenga would be a perfect companion on eid when it comes to some western-centric occasions like Valentine's day. You can choose from various elegant and glorious modern dresses to make your loved one drool over your unparalleled beauty. LBD’s, Floral skirts or middies would be ideal for this romantic occasion. You can find various combinations and patterns on the internet in Valentine's day collection. For wedding and sangeet, it is crucial to keep the dresses ethnic, but you certainly can experiment with accessories and facial makeup. You can make a style statement by wearing an embroidered pallazo, or you can go with as simple as salwar and suit, which is touched up modern stylings.

Some of the qualities of an ideal festival dress are:

  1. A blend of fashion and modesty- It is crucial never to cross the line of modesty, no matter how modern we get. Some occasions like Diwali, ganpatipooja, Navratri are the most prestigious festivals in Hindu culture. Thus, it is important to wear classy clothes, but the essence of the occasion should be maintained. Diwali dresses should be ethnic and serene which is the epitome of an Indian lady. A beautiful and elegant lady would carry an ethnic dress with panache and pride. Thus, Diwali dresses should be ethnic and not western.
  2. Impeccable embroidery- An ideal traditional festival dress would always be embedded with sleek and glorious embroidery and Stunning couture. An Eid clothing for a girl should be beautiful and simple. As eid is a big occasion for Muslim people, an incredible embroidery on a lehenga or a sharara would be an ideal outfit.
  3. Exclusive and Unique- As women are too concerned about their appearance, a girl wearing the same dress would certainly not please her. Thus for a romantic occasion like Valentine's day, a girl should opt for a unique and elegant dress which would make her stand apart from the rest of the crowd, there are many varieties of dresses on the internet in Valentines day collection. Opt for the most exquisite and interesting colours and patterns.
  4. Glorious and ethnic dress for wedding- A dress for sangeet can be a bit simple with decent accessories to flaunt, but a wedding dress for any girl is a tough nut to crack. Thus, women should explore many shops and also many verified sites on the internet to extract the most glamorous and ethnic dress for a wedding.