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Eid Dresses

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Looking for Eid Festival Dresses?

If you are looking for the right Indian Outfits for Eid, then look no further. You get all the guidelines, right here!

Ramadan, the period of fasting and charity, is ended with a feast all across the world. Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr reflects the culture of Muslims, whether it be the meal offered or the clothing and jewelry adorned by women. Indian outfits are made especially for this occasion. This marks the biggest festival for Mulsims and the women dresses need to be matched up. People in Turkey, India, or Iran, celebrate it with as much love and compassion but their dressing is unique and pure. The festival with more than twenty recognized names has more than ever options to choose from, while celebrating it. People pray for the deceased, indulge in charity, shower gifts, and feast after a pious fasting.

For the occasion of Eid, people prefer to dress modestly. Men can be seen wearing pastel shades kurta pajama but the women look absolutely stunning in designer hijabs, shararas, salwar kameez, or gowns. Women dresses for Eid come in all shades and styles which you can find online or in stores. Indian outfits generally come with a lot of embellishments and Eid dressing is no different. Women love to experiment with their looks and jewelry. Styles can vary greatly but the tradition is still followed. Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the biggest celebrations for them and people treat it no differently. Just how everyone else likes to wear new clothes for a wedding or Christmas in the west, in India, Eid means fun times in pretty clothes.

There are certain guidelines which Muslims stick to while choosing their outfits for this special occasion. Men usually stay away from silk and women to opt for mostly cotton or other fabrics. A white embroidered or plain kurta with pajama is generally what men decide upon and women dress on the other hand come with heavy zardozi work. A lot of countries see women wearing designer hijabs but they also have a choice to not wear a Niqab during the Eid celebration. Jewelry and Indian outfits always go hand and hand, and why should this auspicious occasion be any different. The carts on e-commerce sites are ready to be filled with perfumes, shoes, and clothing options.

Most of the Muslims like to wear their best clothes on this day and visit their friends and family, looking and smelling good. It is a part of their tradition which people take very seriously. It is said that Prophet Muhammad wore his best cloak on Eid. Then why should we do anything less ourselves? Indian outfits and women dresses have come a long way and this joyous fact is reflected in the heavy artwork on the attires. Jewelry like maang tikka or chhapka can often be seen decorating the forehead of Muslim women in India especially.

Women tend to opt for more comfortable clothing when it comes to Eid, as compared to them attending a wedding function. The women need to be able to enjoy with everyone around them that’s why gowns, shararas or salwar kameez can be seen more than other Indian outfits. Colourful embroidery is another favourite when it comes to adorning the women's dresses for this festival. It could be a difficult time for people to wrap their head around getting the right attire for Eid 2020. Everyone is busy running around for other preparations or meeting and greeting people. But with the online shopping and the plethora of options available, it is a piece of cake now.

A lot of Muslims, gift jewelry and Indian outfits to their family members on the festival of Eid as ‘Salam’. Rituals in different countries might vary but the sense of gratitude is similar. For this also, you can try to find the right things online and order. This will save you time and of course money, because of all the discounts going on, in lieu of the festival. For instance, in Morocco, people might prefer to wear and gift something more modern rather than traditional. In such countries, a lot of brands launch their Ramadan collection in 2020. But the traditional wear in Africa will be different from that in Asia. We love how culturally diverse and yet similar to this festival is.

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