Karva Chauth

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Salwar Kameez

Guide to Picking a Perfect Attire for Karva Chauth


Karva Chauth is the auspicious festival that is celebrated nine days before Diwali. It is the time of the year when married Hindu women prepare themselves by dressing up in all fancy and vibrant colors such as maroon, gold, orange, and red. All these women fast and pray for a happy married life, connection, and the extended life of their husbands.


Significance of Karva Chauth


For every Indian, marriage is the most sacred connection for a lifetime. This is why Karva Chauth is celebrated with utter joy and enthusiasm among married couples. All the married women dress up in their best clothing style, shimmering jewelry, apply mehndi on their hands and present their best appearance.


They wear special traditional clothes usually classic colors like pink or red saree, suit, or lehenga. However, there is no restriction to wear certain clothes on this beautiful occasion, it is just what most women love to do and celebrate it like this. They enjoy dressing up like a lively bride and have a blissful day.


There is a joyous atmosphere reflecting a splendor and happy married life for many couples. After doing puja and not consuming any meal or water for the entire day, women break their day-long fast after watching the moon at night and then have a meal with their husbands.


Follow the Current Fashion Trend


Mostly, women are often confused when it comes to wearing clothes on a special day. Even though they will have countless dresses, sarees, and suits, they will still believe they have nothing to wear and go for a huge shopping spree. Nothing can be changed as this is just how women roll when it comes to fashion. They always wish to look their best, especially if it is an auspicious day like Karva Chauth.


Everyone has different tastes, styles, preference and fashion sense, and they tend to style their appearance accordingly. However, there are many women who tend to stay updated with the current fashion and have all the fashion knowledge that has been going around.


Whereas, there are some women who like to keep it simple or basic. They don’t like to experience or step out of their comfort zones. Certainly, it is not bad to keep it simple; still, there is no harm in experiencing or trying out new fashion trends every now and then. 


Try to pick up clothing styles that are not only fashionable but comfortable for you as well. There is nothing more beautiful than wearing something that you’re comfortable wearing. This way, you can be confident in yourself and won’t be worried about anything. Don’t forget, fashion is not about wearing anything and everything, but wearing what suits your personality and makes you comfortable.


Options to Wear on Karva Chauth


Get ready to acquire all the new information regarding fancy patterns, style, color and fashion trends of Karva Chauth festival. There is no need to spend thousands of bucks to create a stunning outfit for this important day. Set your budget, and start with exploring the various dress options available for you to pick from on the internet.


  • Vibrant Colored Sarees:


Sarees are the most famous and preferred India attire option that every woman tends to wear on special occasions. Women of different age groups love to wear this beautiful piece of clothing. With the change in fashion, there are certain changes that you will notice in sarees as well. As there are various types of sarees worn by women from different ethnicities in India, you get vast options to style this clothing.


Picking a suitable color, material, and pattern are also important aspects of creating a perfect look. You should go for a color that makes your skin emerge glowy and your features are enhanced with the co-ordinated makeup. However, colors like salmon-orange, rose gold, red are some excellent colors and will go hand in hand with perfect gold jewelry.


  • Classy Salwar Kameez:


Popular Indian attire for women is Salwar Kameez. It is a two-piece dress with a tunic and pajamas. Just like any other piece of clothing, this dress option also comes in various ranges and style which means you can pick the one that suits your body type for any occasion. The size and length of the kameez totally depend on your personal preference and fashion trend.


Though tradition salwar kameez are quite loose-fitted, modern fashion trends have introduced different form-fitting salwar kameezes that are loved and approved by women in today’s era.


  • Multi-layered Lehngas:


Lehenga choli is a popular Indian dress but it not worn on a regular basis by most women. They put on lehengas on extremely important functions, festivals, weddings or special occasions. It is a three-piece dress including a long skirt, choli, and dupatta. 


As Karva Chauth is one of the most important occasions, you can surely pick a beautiful and trendy lehenga and style it accordingly. Lehenga comes in different styles, patterns and color combinations, which make it easy for you to pick as you will surely find a perfect one among so many options.


Pick Perfect Attire


Long gone are the days when fashion was not followed by everyone. So, if you’re looking for a trendy and elegant dress for Karva Chauth, don’t forget to check out the huge collection offered by Eanythingindian as you will find everything and anything here!