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India is a land of a variety of spices and flavors. Among all, the taste of sweet is one of the most loved flavors. People in India, especially children, love to indulge in sweet dishes while the elders don’t like their cup of tea or coffee without it being seasoned with a spoonful of sugar.

Satisfying the sweet bud is very tempting as well as it is considered very important. In India, a dessert after a meal is almost compulsory, a spoonful of sugar is necessary for tea or coffee, a celebration without cake or sweets feels empty. In market, we come across a variety of sugar, other than the regular white sugar which serves different purposes. You can buy organic staples, a few of which are mentioned below.

Dhampur Sugar Products

 India is a country where mothers want to stuff us with our favorite delicacies but on the other hand, they don’t want us to compromise on our health. This brings them to search for the right product which won’t harm their families but which won’t compromise on taste either. Hence, when it comes to choosing the right sugar products, what can be better than ‘Dhampur sugar products’? They are the largest sugar manufacturers in the world which sell chemical free and all the varieties of sugar, hence, serving as a perfect aid to the sweet-loving families. These products are recognized for their consistency in providing high-level pure products with superior flavors which are non-GMO and perfectly suitable for the vegans as well as for vegetarians. These sugar products when added to the different preparations, adds a flavor that is unmatchable with the other kinds. You can buy these organic staples online.

Dhampur Bura Sugar<h3< p="" style="box-sizing: border-box;">

It is the fine sugar which is prepared by heating the white sugar. It is usually added in the preparation of homemade sweets. It can also be eaten raw with chapatti or rice and ghee. It is the most common type, after the white sugar, found in almost every second household.

The Dhampur bura sugar is golden in color, molasses free and is aromatic.

Dhampur Castor Sugar

It is also a type of fine sugar but is different from bura sugar as it is not prepared by heating. It can simply be prepared by grinding the white sugar in a mixer for a few minutes. It adds volume to cake, juices, etc. when summer strikes, the coffee lovers find it hard to indulge in hot coffee and that is when cold-coffee act as saviors to the coffee lovers. To get the perfect sweetness in the cold-coffee, and also to add to the volume, castor sugar is used.

The Dhampur castor sugar is ideal for sweetening beverages, cold drinks and for baking products, as it dissolves almost instantly.

Dhampur Icing Sugar

This type is probably most loved by cake lovers as it is used in preparing the icing on cakes, pastries, etc. and to be honest who likes a cake without beautiful and colorful icing? Hence whenever there is a celebration at home and you decide to prepare the cake at home, remember to grab the correct sugar!

The Dhampur icing sugar is an ideal organic staple as it dissolves easily and is perfect for icing.

Dhampur Brown Sugar

You love sweets but you are also a fitness freak and you hate compromising on your health. If the description suits you then the correct type of sugar for you is – brown sugar. It is nothing but white sugar with added molasses which makes it brown in color. But, there are certain things which make it more desirable than white sugar is the fact that it provides an extra touch of flavor even though it serves the same purpose as white sugar. It is fitness-friendly for the fact that it contains less fat than the white sugar. So if you decide to go on a diet or if you are a fitness freak, then you know which sugar to go for.

The Dhampur brown sugar is deep golden in color and has an addicting aroma and it does not compromise on taste at all.


The Dhampur sugar products are easily available on various online stores which are easily reachable to every household with reasonable discounts which adds to another positive attribute of the products. They also guarantee the originality of the products. Organic food from the market may cost more, which might be unaffordable for some families. Hence the low rates online make them affordable by the common public.


Sweet has always brought people of all generations together and what is sweet without sugar? And what is sugar if it’s not the best quality? Hence, if you want to add pure sweetness to your lives, there is no better option than Dhampur. Therefore buy staples online which would look after your family’s taste, health as well as they will help save some extra too!

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