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The Sweet Indulgence: The Custom of Gifting Sweets Online

Indian sweets are a part of our tradition. Weddings without sweets as a part of the dessert are almost impossible. People can pick up their favourite sweets online without needing to run to a shop. So let’s get into some sweet indulgence with the sugary bite of these most loved sweet items.

Chocolate: The Sweetest Fantasy

One of the most delectable foods of all time undoubtedly, chocolates are the greatest of all addictions, in a positive way! One look at the soft, melting, silky texture of chocolate with the luxurious taste of rich cacao will make you long for it incessantly. Obtained from the cacao beans of Cacao trees grown under the perfect climatic conditions of Western Africa, chocolate is prepared in a multistage process.

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite. The main reason behind the fondness towards it is due to its fascinating chemistry. Chocolate contains more than a hundred different compounds, but the most important stimulants are Caffeine, phenylethylamine and theobromine, which makes chocolates taste so good. One of the key compounds called anandamide is why we get high after gobbling chocolates.

Benefits of Chocolate:

  • Dark Chocolate
    • Rich in a class of flavonoids called flavanols which promote health
    • Rich in magnesium to enhance skeletal health
    • Rich in iron to maintain cardiovascular fitness
    • Rich in copper and manganese which play a key role in antioxidant functions.
    • Lowers blood pressure levels
    • Lowers LDL cholesterol levels and increases HDL cholesterol levels
    • Increased intake of cocoa improves cognitive functions
    • Reduces the body cortisol and catecholamine levels, hormones involved in the body’s stress response, thereby reducing stress
    • Flavanols improve blood flow to the skin, hydrating it and protecting it from Sun’s harmful UV rays.
    • White Chocolate
      • Rich in calcium which promotes bone and teeth health
      • Prevents the risk of heart failure and hypertension
      • Maintains cholesterol levels

The Tradition of Gifting Chocolates

The tradition of gifting chocolates dates back to the times when Aztecs presented cups of chocolate drink for the royalty and the warriors as a mark of respect and gratitude. People believed that cacao beans, with which chocolates are prepared, were god’s gift. Besides being called as the ‘food of the gods’, chocolates were also popularly called as the ‘elixir of love’. People today gift chocolates to their loved ones to convey their hea`rtiest wishes and gratitude. Customized chocolate gifts are available online today with engravings on it conveying their wishes. Whether it is a sweet little gesture saying thanks or a big declaration of your love, Chocolates are the best way to celebrate your happiness. It is a thoughtful gift that suits everyone irrespective of their age and religion. People who live far away from their loved ones, order sweets online, and ensure that their gifts reach their loved ones wherever they are. In India, chocolates are gifted for various occasions such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s day
  • Anniversaries
  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • New Year

Fruit Chews: Kids’ Favourite Snack

Children always love fruit chews. Being made from real fruits dipped in sugar syrup and gelatin to give the gummy texture, these fruit chews are a healthy snack for children and are available in different flavours depending on the type of fruit used.

Cakes: The Mandatory Food of Celebration

The invention of the cake dates back to the age of Romans who prepared something similar to the old fashioned sponge cake while it was the Egyptians who discovered the properties of yeast as a raising agent in the preparation of the cake. The word cake was coined by the English in the middle ages wherein it was prepared using dried fruits, nuts and suet. Cake has been traditionally used for celebrations of friendship and love. The cake is served during birthdays, anniversaries, farewell parties and New Year besides the tradition of preparing plum cake during Christmas. The cake is generally prepared by baking. Although the ingredients vary with the type of cake, the main common components of cake are cake flour made from fine textured and soft wheat, butter, sugar and eggs.

Benefits of Cake

  • The cake is rich in protein due to the eggs added in the batter
  • When consumed as a part of the dessert in the required amount, cakes are known to help dieters lose weight
  • Cakes help you beat depression and uplift your mood.
  • Depending on the ingredients used, the nutritive value of cake is enhanced.

So order these sweets online and indulge in their great taste and richness. After all your world becomes brighter with the sweets. So gift it to your loved ones and fall in love with it’s yummy taste.

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