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It is rightly said that footwear is the first thing that gets noticed about you, so it has to be good. Many people who have a good taste of fashion follow this rule and chose footwear that complements their outfit. Earlier, to get a good pair of shoes, the customers used to run from one shop to another. But, now the option to buy party wear footwear online is available, and both male and female customers prefer online shopping for their footwear.

Your shoes are an important part of your accessories and not only women, but men also need to be very careful while choosing the right pair of shoe for them. Most of us don’t give much importance to the shoes and just wear them for the sake of it, and as a result, the overall look isn’t that impressive. In this post, we will tell you how to buy the right shoes to wear with an outfit.

Tips to Buy the Best Shoes to Wear With an Outfit

You would need different types of footwear to pair with different clothes. But most people don’t know what type of shoes to wear with what type of outfit. So let’s know how to create a proper look with the right footwear.

Tips to Buy Formal Footwear for Men

While looking for a right pair of footwear at online footwear store you need to be very careful. Not all the pair of shoes from the latest footwear collection for men will work for you. If you need to wear formals in your office, then you must have two pairs of shoes; black and brown. For men, it’s advised to match the color of your belt with your shoes.

When you pick the formal shoes, then don’t pick it just because of its color or look. It has to be comfortable too. You can buy comfortable formal shoes from the best site to buy footwear online in India.  

Tips to Buy Formal Footwear for Women

Women have more options in the category of formal shoes in comparison of men. Loafers are the most loved pair of shoe in the category of formal shoes by women. You can find the loafer in vibrant colors at the best site to buy footwear online in India. The loafers in different colors like blue and nude enhance your look, but you need to wear loafer with pants only. Loafers will not look impressive with a skirt because of their flat sole.

Heels are another option of formal shoes for females. When you pick a formal pair of heels to wear in the office, then look for the height of the heels. It should not be very high. The color of your heeled footwear should not be shiny. A pair of classic black pump is perfect formal footwear, and every woman should own it.

Tips to Buy Casual Footwear for Men

Wearing formal shoes during casual activities is a big NO for men. A loafer is the first choice of men in the category of casual shoes. A loafer is a comparatively new entry in the segment of casual shoes for men. Loafers look good, and they come in vibrant colors. Loafers are present in almost all the latest footwear collection for men. The best part of the loafers is that they can be worn with jeans and shorts as well. Sneakers are another option that looks good with jeans while having some casual lunch or meeting. You can also pick boat shoes to look great at some casual get together.

Tips to Buy Party Wear Footwear for Women

The women customers have numerous options in the segment of party wear shoes.  A few pairs of footwear are must for every lady’s collection of party wear footwear like shiny black and red colored high heels.

When you buy party wear footwear online then always keep the color and length of your dress in mind. If you are going to wear some simple outfit at the party, then give it a vibrant look by wearing a shoe with a funky pattern. Strict color matching does not look good every time so do look at yourself twice before choosing this option.

Different types of shoes are available online on different occasions. So, shop a different pair of shoes to look different every time. 

In the era of online shopping, the search for right footwear ends at the online shopping websites. The easiest thing now is to shop for footwear online. Many online shopping portals have some brilliant designs of footwear that will enhance the beauty of your feet.

We usually believe that good looking footwear are generally not comfortable. So either we have comfortable footwear or a fashionable one. But if you search wisely and determine to shop footwear online, then you can find some really comfortable and attractive footwear. Now, more people give preference to comfort over fashion, so the shoe manufacturers have started to produce comfortable yet good looking shoes. 

Top Ethnic Footwear Choices for Women

Ethnicity is not just about the traditional look; it’s all about the connections with our roots. The best and easiest way to have a strong connection with roots is the ethnic look. Ethnic look is something that we got from our ancestors, and we will pass it to the next generation. So it’s a must to have something ethnic always in your wardrobe. In this post, we will not talk about ethnic wear, but we will tell you about ethnic footwear.

Ethnic footwear is the most important and most ignorant part of our ethnic look. We usually pick any footwear and create a fusion look instead of an ethnic one. So, here we have brought information about the ethnic footwear that can give you a pure ethnic look. Now, when you can buy ethnic footwear online in India, it becomes easy to look super ethnic without and hustle bustle of ethnic footwear shopping from local shops. Here is the list of Indian ethnic footwear that can take your ethnic look to a completely next level.


Jutti is that footwear which my grandmother used to wear, my mother has worn and I too have it in my shoe collection. The look of suit and salwar gets completed with Jutti. This comfortable and stylish footwear belongs to Punjab. Earlier, these were made of leather, so the cost used to be high, but now they are available at a reasonable rate. To get a pair of Jutti for you, the only thing you have to do is to look for the ethnic footwear online option at footwear’s website, and you will get your favorite pair at your doorstep.

Khussa Shoes

Earlier, the women belonging to only Zamindars’ and Nawabs’ family used to wear this glittery flat footwear but now every girl has access to this pair of footwear. You can wear them with long ethnic skirts, jodhpuri pants, and Patialas.

Kolhapuri Footwears

The best part of the Kolhapuri footwear is that if yours is a comparatively bigger shoe size then also you can find an ethnic Kolhapuri footwear easily for yourself. This stylish footwear is not only famous in India but loved by all in all corners of the world. But to get a pair of this authentic Kolhapuri Footwear, you will have to rely on ethnic footwear online option because from online stores only you will get handcrafted original Kolhapuri Footwear.


Don’t get confused with juttis and mojaris. They both look similar, but actually, the Mojris have embroidery on them. The stunning embroidery on Mojris gives your feet a royal look. You can wear a pair of these Mojris with Patiala salwar, Sharara, salwar Kameez, and A-line traditional Kurta. If you are looking to buy ethnic footwear online in India, then you will get numbers of designs of Mojaris at online footwear shopping websites.

Indian Chappals

The most loved and most comfortable Indian ethnic footwear is Indian chappals. Here we are not talking about the usual chappals that you wear at home but the ethnic one. The ethnic Indian chappals may have heels, high or flat sole with the touch of Indian embroidery. So, here we have talked about all the Indian ethnic footwear options that can give you a proper and authentic ethnic look. You can easily buy ethnic footwear online in India and introduce your kids to the rich culture of the country.

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