Four Stones Cone Pendulum by Satyamani-SMAS2100N

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        Satyamani Natural Double Point Rose Quartz With Clear Quartz Ball-Pencil Pendulum For Reiki Healing is a beautiful healing mineral which is associated with unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love, balance self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It brings warmth, peace and love, Dispels the troubles and cares of the heart. Bonds the qualities of the soul and the spirit to enact them through the heart. Stimulates the function of the cerebellum and lymph system. Facilitates the function of the lungs, liver, large intestine, kidneys and bladder. Frees you from the trap of a modern lifestyle and rekindles the meaning of the heart values. Heals hurt feelings and brings release from emotional strain and mental entrapment. Clear quartz is stone of quartz family, which is available worldwide and is used for meditation, calmness and increasing focus in life. Quartz crystals are found in huge variety . Encourages the soul to release unfocused emotions. Supports clear thinking and helps you overcome fear A pendulum can be used for checking the health and spin of the chakras prior to a Reiki Session.
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        Product Name Four Stones Cone Pendulum by Satyamani-SMAS2100N
        Color Multi Color
        Material Semi-Precise
        Style Pendulum
        Dispatch Days 3 Days
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