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        It's signature sweet, citrusy aroma is invigorating which makes it perfect to help you to jump start your day. We bring to you this sweet scent hidden inside in a 10 ml bottle.

        Grapefruit benefits are a plethora. It gives you the needed motivation to jump out of your bed in the morning. It helps with jet lags. It keeps your sugar cravings in control. It helps with hangovers. It gets rid of laziness and helps you get things done. Use it as a massage oil or diffuse it or use it as a bath oil to avail these benefits.


        Grapefruit oil

        It is extracted from the fresh peel of the grapefruit by cold compression.

        We cold press this essential oil for you from the fresh peel of the grapefruit which is straight out of our organic farm. It is a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.


        Grapefruit for hair:

        • Grapefruit oil can help strip away chemicals that have loaded the hair follicles due to the usage of hair sprays, gels, crèmes and the like. Add a few drops of this oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner and it'll cleanse your hair.
        • Grapefruit for hair promotes healthy hair, enables hair growth, fights dandruff and leaves your hair shinier and lustrous.
        • This essential oil can detangle your hair too! Add a few drops of this oil to a bottle of water and spray it to your hair and the scalp. This will detangle your hair while leaving it with a fresh and a sweet aroma.
        • Grapefruit for skin:
        • Got oily skin? Grapefruit essential oil can help! It is a natural astringent which removes excess oils within the pores and on the surface of the skin.
        • It has antiseptic properties. Thus, grapefruit for skin can kill acne-causing germs and contribute to a clearer skin.

        NOTE:To use grapefruit essential oil for skin and hair dilute it using a carrier oil (cold pressed almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil). A few drops will be sufficient to massage it into your skin. Whereas for hair, use it as per the need or requirement.

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