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Oral Care

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eAnythingIndianBrings You Oral Care Products For A Pear White Smile

They say a smile can work wonders and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a smile like that! But in reality when that one moment comes most of us shy away.

Most people shy away from smiling or even close knit conversations is merely because they aren’t comfortable with their oral hygiene. Some are shying away because of the yellowish plaque tinges on their teeth while others are dwelling with bad breathe. Some of the individuals are even struggling with toothaches and bleeding gums as well.

The severity of oral disorders is so high that in spite of brushing and flossing twice a help might not help you maintain oral health. However amidst all chemicals and farce our ancient scriptures have kept the secrets of pearly white teeth and oral health hidden in them. We at eAnythingIndianwith the motivation to revolutionize the country’s oral health have unleashed those secret recipes to create our array of oral care products for a comprehensive healthy oral stature.

Our products

Our team has researched relentlessly upon stringent benchmark standards to mine down our comprehensive oral care products like

  1. 1.      Future organics herbal wonder tooth powder

Ever heard a tooth powder fighting against obesity, acidity or blood pressure? If no then be ready to get amazed with our wonder tooth powder created by blending in the medicinal and healing properties of pure organic herbs. This tooth powder not only heals your gums and teeth but also helps in healing over metabolism reducing bloating, acidity, even obesity.

  1. Ayurvedic Panchaygavya toothpaste(bone free and sugar free)

Ancient ones entrusted charcoal and salt for antimicrobial deep cleansing. We after ages of research and tests have successfully tailored the rightful proportion of charcoal, salts along with traditional Indian herbs to provide teeth, strengthen the gums, and improve overall oral hygiene.

Our product USP

Now in case you are wondering why choose us when there are a number of toothpaste and tooth care products available in the market. Note that most of the local products you get are infested with chemicals and animal bone extracts which end up harming your teeth and your body. Whereas our comprehensive oral care product range are completely pure and free from all chemical infestations. Here are some of the unique features that makes our product stand out

  1. 1.      Sugar free

In case you are struggling to lose weight even after cutting down sugar from your daily diet then stop worrying and look around to check the ingredients of your toothpaste. Most of the toothpaste including the best of brands use large amount of sugar as sweeteners to make their products more palatable. Hence a huge amount is entering your system daily. Our products stand out in this aspect as they are 100% sugar free and even trace amount of chemical sweeteners are not used

  1. 2.      Bone free

Now despite the green mark on your paste packet most of the Indian toothpaste usages animal bone in their ingredients to improve cleaning. We understand and respect your veganism and its related spiritualties and thus our organic Tooth products are completely devoid of animal bones and the improvised cleaning is provided by proportional mixture of charcoal and salt.

  1. 3.      No synthetic chemicals

We take the assurance of 100 % natural product very seriously and thus our products are free from all synthetic chemicals, parabens, lauryl sulfates,artificial preservatives, petroleum and products, artificial fragrances etc.

  1. 4.      No animal testing

We don’t believe in testing other creatures and thus our products are absolutely animal testing free

  1. 5.      Environment friendly

These artificial chemicals like parabensand sulfates are not only harmful for our health but are equally damaging to the environment. Our products being absolutely free from all chemical infestations have very low carbon footprints and is environment-friendly too.

  1. 6.      Herbs and flavors

We use an entourage of organic chemicals like neem, charcoal, haritaki, vringa, nilgiri oil, mint, Tulsi along with few of our special ingredients like plant extracts from nallatummba etc.

Thus for a comprehensive take on oral hygiene, instead of just rubbing your teeth with chemicals login to our site and welcome pure and pristineoral care products for a pearly white teeth and overall improved healthy living!

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