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Bed Covers

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Beautiful Bed Sheets That Elicit Relaxing Sleep and Total Comfort

Do you want to make your bedroom unique and make it stand apart? Do you have an eye for anything artistic and is trying to find the best accessories for your bed or duvet?

Well, you must first acquire a splendid set of bed sheets so that the bedroom becomes the center of attraction and captivates the attention of anyone entering it.

The proper choice

The task of selecting an eye-catching bed sheet should not only consider how it looks but also how comfortable it will be for the person using the bed. You must choose a bed sheet with caution, as selecting a dazzling bed sheet in terms of looks but uncomfortable and disturbing in terms of feel is just money wasted.

Here, at this point, we at the Eanythingindian Retail LLP can give you a vast number of options when you want to get great bed sheets online. Browse our online platform for the best collection of bed sheets and other products for the beautification of the sleeping room.

Why choose us?

It is quite common knowledge that you can buy a bed sheet, cover or pillowcase from your local market. Then why should you choose us? The reason lies in our collection of the several types of bed sheets, bed covers, and other accessories needed in the bedroom.

So, when you are thinking of buying bed covers online, choose our website as we are the best in the business. If you are still skeptical and of two minds about our company, here is the reason we should be your first choice;


  • Vast collection


Our product inventory is filled with bed sheets, bed covers, duvet covers of various color and brands. From stripes to asymmetric colors, you will have an immense collection that will match the color scheme of your bedroom or any room of your choice. The type of bed sheets we have in our collection are;

  • Sheets for a king-size bed
  • Covers for a single bed
  • Sheets for double beds
  • Sheets with unique colors like maroon, beige, cream, aqua, mustard and even multi-colored.
  • Striped covers and sheets.
  • Sheets with floral prints in exciting colors.
  • Bed sheets for kids with their favorite cartoon characters.
  • Bed sheets with unique and beautiful prints.

Almost all of our products are washable in washing machines unless otherwise specified.


  • Various sizes


Our collection comprises of samples from a king-sized bed to the small bunk beds, with the appropriate trimming.  You can search amongst our list of products and are sure to find any bed sheet or duvet covers online that will be fit for your furniture and will be a beautiful and pleasing casing, well suited to your aesthetic preferences.


  • Kid-friendly options


Choosing a bed-sheet for children is an important task, as everything they come in contact with leaves a mark upon their psyche. Hence, you can be rest assured about the collection of children-appropriate bed coverings in our website and can choose the thing that catches your fancy the most and you feel is right for your kids.


  • Comfortable materials


The products in our collection are mostly made out of cotton, the best fabric for any light covering material. Our registered sellers provide the best quality cotton with the perfect thread count so that the user feels the most at ease and contended. You can find the cover of your choice in our collection, and can also select the material you want for your sheets.


  • Appropriate prices


Our products are priced keeping the client demographic and preference profile into consideration and are the most reasonable for the exquisite quality and unique design. You will never feel that you have paid more than it is worth when our products are concerned.


  • In-house delivery


The logistics are handled by our company itself, so we take the utmost care of your order and strive to take the shortest time to make the order reach the customer. Our shipping is usually done within 5 business days.

Call to action

So, shop tension-free with us, as we assure to supply the best products to our clientele. We at Eanythingindian Retail LLP, with our immense network and exquisite collection of beautiful Indian products, are always at your service.