Necklaces & Pendants

Step out in style with Indian jewelry collection

All that glitters in our country is Indian jewelry which is exquisitely handcrafted in precious and semi-precious to fit our budgets. It is a part of our custom to adorn ourselves with jewelry to complement the women apparels we are stepping out in. People have moved to more comfortable outfits and similarly so has the taste in jewelry.


Have to get ready for a party but not impressed by your outfit? A beautiful necklace is all you need to uplift your look. A stunning choker or a long hanging neck piece can be equally trendy if paired correctly with the clothes that you are wearing. If you are wearing ethnic or traditional clothing on a daily basis then silver, oxidized or terracotta jewelry can become your go-to savior. For a more formal or a bigger event, gold plated or heavy silver jewelry can do the trick. Look around and you will see women sporting the ‘90s classic: choker. But with a twist, literally and figuratively. You can see them on the ramp, in your college, or at night clubs; they can be paired with absolutely anything. A heavier metallic choker for the night and a lighter one in basic colours for the day.


The gold and silver market in India is worth more than $60 bn and why are we not surprised? Because we have grown up in households with women wearing jewelry even to go out to buy groceries. So it comes only natural to us to highlight our best features by wearing the right accessory. You will barely ever see any women without wearing beautiful earrings, big or small. This statement pieces not just move the focus to the right places but also highlight your neck and your face. If you are not in the mood to experiment, you can go with smaller studs or the classic pearl drops to pair with any women apparel. But, if you want to really leave a mark, then go for big chunky ones. Contrast or coordinate. The choice is yours to make.

Bracelets & Bangles

Bangles are festive, colourful, cheerful, and denote happiness. They are worn by every married woman in our country to complement Indian sarees. But the rest of us are not being left behind. Bracelets and bangles, matching with your outfit, can really give you a traditional look and feel. You can go with everyday gold or silver or even metal bangles. But the joy of buying glass bangles is also immense. It always fills my heart, just the beautiful colours, and chimes, of glass bangles. But a lot of designers are also using chunky bracelets to style their models as they make up for any lack of style. Delicate bracelets can be worn with formals or styled with dresses whereas bigger ones blend perfectly with western or indo-western styles. You can find the right pair online or in a shop near you.


Cocktail rings were all over social media, all of last year and we think that they are here to stay. The chunkier they are, the more attention they get. We take it literally when it comes to selecting rings. You can find them set in both precious and semi-precious stones and can be worn with absolutely any kind of women apparels. Delicate rings are a classic. They can be worn on a daily basis, to work, party, or to keep unwanted attention away; if you know what we are saying. Investing in rings is a great idea as they can be worn regularly and then passed on as family heirlooms. They look stunning as part of wedding dresses and other events, both big and small. You can start of by buying something small and then see how you like it.


The little tinkle these anklets make is the sweetest sound to the ear. Earlier anklets were worn by women as part of their married life but not anymore. Girls and women alike are sporting different kinds of anklets and with any outfit that you can think of. These come in absolutely all settings, styles, materials, and budgets. You can start trying out from the ones woven out of thread or wool and go up to those set in precious stones. Anklets are an absolutely must with Indian sarees or part of your wedding dress. You can get the ones with ghungroos or go even with mirror work. They all look absolutely stunning. Whether you are wearing shorts, dresses, denims, or any women apparel, you cannot go wrong with an anklet.

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