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Evolution of Jewellery

Jewellery is decorative adornments worn on the body or over the clothes. These include a wide variety of items from necklaces, rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, bangles, and entire jewellery sets. It has been used for thousands of years. The oldest type of jewellery in history dates back to 100, 0000 years back with necklaces made of beads from shells. While there is no doubt that women love jewellery, centuries back it was men who wore jewellery more. The one wearing more jewellery had a higher status in society.

In India, jewellery has been used from the time of the Indus Valley civilization. They were the first to start using gold and metal in jewellery. Kings, Gods, and nobles were the ones to use jewellery in early times. Later on, of course, they became popular with everyone, especially ladies. In the last few decades, it has been designer jewellery that has become very popular.

Designer jewellery

Designer jeweler is jewellery that been designed or created for a particular aesthetic purpose, that has been crafted by a designer. There are many skilled artisan jewelers who can create this kind of designer jewellery. These designers may be individuals who work on creating the best kind of jewellery items or they may be a part of a jewellery company. They use their experience and expertise to create the best kind of design for jewellery items that would be popular.

There are many instances where even celebrities offer designer jewellery sets. These jewellery items may not have been designed by celebrities. But, celebrities are actively involved in the promotion of these jewellery items. So, the designer jewel items would be associated with the celebs and a brand would be built around the celebrity’s name.

The designer jewellery that is popular in the market is generally those promoted by a particular brand. These brands are usually top jewellery stores or chains. They offer a wide range of jewellery products for customers. All these products would be designed as per the latest preference of customers and the trends and fashion prevalent in the market. Designer jewellery products would be well promoted by the store to ensure the creation of customer awareness about the product.

Types of designer jewellery

There are many types of designer jewellery that is available in the market. These jewellery products are classified based on certain criteria. The following are some of the types of designer jewellery:

1) High jewellery

This type of designer jewellery is the one which is a high fashion type of jewellery. Known as the most expensive type of jewellery that can be found in the market. They are designed and offered by top brands in the market that are generally offered by fashion companies and are promoted in the best fashion shows. People who buy designer jewelleryof the high jewellery type are those who want the best. This is luxury jewellery meant for the fashion conscious, the celebrities, and the rich. These

Jewellery products are designed by the best designed with exquisite design elements. The best materials are used to create this type of jewellery. Rare jewellery items may be used to create this type of jewellery. The work done would be intricate and would involve the best craftsmanship that only experts in the field can deliver. This type of jewellery will not be mass produced and only a few of them will be produced. This ensures the owner of exclusivity and the exclusive nature is what characterizes high jewellery.

2) Designer jewellery

This is the common type that is categorized under designer jewellery. Here, the designer terms refer to the craftsman who has designed the jewellery items. These designers would be experts who know the art of jewellery design. They bring in their artistic talent and blend it with the latest trends to create products of good aesthetic value.

The designer jewellery products that these designers create would be promoted by a company or a brand created by the designer. This kind of jewellery may be handcrafted or maybe also mass produced based on a top quality design created by a designer.

3) Custom jewellery

One of the types of designer jewellery that is popular is a custom jewellery. This is a type of designer jewellery that is customized or made to order. These are individual jewellery items that are made for a specific client(s). This type of jewellery usually involved handcrafting rather than mass production or production using machinery. The customer specifies clearly what kind of design he/she is expecting. The design is made as per the specifications are given by the customer.

4) Studio jewellery

This classification is based on the jeweller who has created the jewellery products. The studio here refers to a design studio is managed by an individual jeweller who works on his own in a studio. He may or may not be helped by assistants. This type of designer jewellery is always handcrafted by the designer and is usually exclusive in nature.

5) One of a kind jewellery

One of a kind jewellery (OOAK) is the most exclusive type of designer jewellery that one can get. The main characteristic of this type of jewellery is that it is made absolutely exclusive. This means that there will be ONLY one type of such jewellery product with no duplicate created. Even if in a particular range or theme, there are multiple products, they would all be different from each other. These may be custom made as per client specifications or top quality products made by a leading brand as a part of an exclusive offering in the market.

What is the difference between a designer and commercial jewellery?

Commercial jewellery is the regular types of jewellery that you can see in the market in all the jewellery stores. These jewellery products are mass produced and available at different outlets of the brand. They are the most common type of jewellery products and would be available in different types with different styles.

On the other hand, designer jewellery is specially designed jewellery products where the focus is on aesthetics. These jewellery products are focused more on the skills of the designer. Products are promoted as a brand to create a special effect and impact on customers. While the equipment used in both commercial and designer jewelleryare the same, the individual skills of the designers make the difference.

How to buy designer jewellery?

When you set out to buy designer jewellery, here are the points you need to look at and keep in mind:

  • Brand: This is, of course, the first thing you look at the namely the designer’s reputation in the form of the brand. When you want exclusive jewellery then the brand makes a lot of difference. Even when you buy designer jewellery online, you can be assured of the best quality, thanks to the brand name.
  • Design: The design elements used, the style of design, the overall aesthetic effect it creates, and the materials used in the jewellery items are the characteristics that you would look. Whether it is the best quality original jewellery or designer artificial jewellery design is what makes a designer jewellery product the best.
  • Price: One of the differences between designer and commercial jewellery products is the price. Especially, when it comes to high jewellery, the prices would be the highest in the market. However, not all designer jewellery products are high priced. There is artificial jewellery that is competitively priced. When you buy designer jewellery online you can ensure you get cost-effective jeweler products.
  • Materials: When you buy designer jewellery you would look at the materials that have been used for the jewellery. Pure gold, gold plated products, silver products, accessories like pearls, beads, gemstones, and other such materials are used.
  • Occasion: Designer jewellery products are also available for specific occasions. You can buy jewellery items as party wear or for any other such specific occasion like weddings, formal functions, etc.
  • Type: This is the type of jewellery product that you would want to buy. It could be earrings, rings, necklaces, or chains.

When you buy designer products in jewellery, you can consider all these points before you make the purchase. You would, of course, know what type of jewelry products you want and what type of materials you are expecting in the product that you are planning to buy. So, what you need to look for are the designer brand and the pricing. You can use these criteria to decide on the designer jewellery to buy.

While buying the best designer jewellery, you can choose to buy it a regular store or you can buy them online. The best prices would be found online. You can also find a wide variety of designer jewellery products online. Make sure to look at the various products on offer, look at the style and the various design elements before you decide which product you want to buy.