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As the name says “Mangalsutra” is a sutra to symbolize happy bondings. It is basically a thread beaded with blac and golden beads which a groom ties around the neck of bride. Mangalsuta types vary from region to region. A mangalsuta in south is a thali or jhally or mangalyam which is a yellow thread painted with turmeric with a deity figure or three knots. North Mangalsutra is a chain of black and gold beads with a pendent. Mangalsutra is worn as a symbol of marital dignity and chastity as a promise to stay bonded all through life. Modern times Mangalsutra has become a fashion statement. Gold Mangalsutra Diamond & Solitaire Mangalsutra , Polki Mangalsutra even Mangalsutra has become a part of fusion jewellery. You can also explore the other items on web like Sarees, Wedding Dress Collection and many more at Eanythingindian.