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Pearl Necklace

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Pearls are prized for being the only gems found within living creatures- whether it is salt or fresh water mollusks.  Pearl Necklaces have an enduring appeal as jewelry and through the ages have been a symbol of elegance and sophistication- fit for the queens. Even the younger fashion set is now making nouvelle fashion statements by embellishing haute couture with pearl Necklace sets. Made from natural gems-Pearl Necklace have traditionally epitomized weddings, fertility, and love in many cultures for ages. Yet, it still pays to be a discerning pearl buyer since most pearls in the market today are cultivated, as naturally occurring pearls are extremely rare. You explore other attires matching with these like latest lehengas and traditional saree.


The gem among jewels- pearlis formed when an irritant inveighs itself deep enough inside a mollusk shell so that the creature is unable to expel it. As its shell producing system coats the irritant with nacre, they acquire a distinctive “pearly” surface luster. 


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