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Rings for eternity: their history and types

Rings. Ah, almost all rings have beautifully magical stories attached to them. Why wouldn’t they? After all, they are a sign of love for eternity. In fact, there’s a story behind ‘the ring’ too! It goes way back into the ancient Egyptian period, where people believed that circles were the symbols of eternity. The only difference back then was the simplicity of rings- they were made out of braided reeds unlike platinum and diamond rings today. They also followed the tradition of wearing a ring on their left hand ‘ring’ finger because it apparently has a vein that ran to the heart, Vena Amoris. Interesting enough? No? There’s more!

The Romans followed it too!

You must know of the importance of jewellery in India. We have ornaments for every part of the body, from the top (the hair) to the bottom (the toes). Known for the history of toe rings, Hindu Indians and the Vedas believed that married women must wear toe rings as they applied pressure to points that increase the chances of conception in women, adding to the belief that silver helps to rejuvenate the internal system. Finger rings on the left hand are a fairly contemporary concept in India.

Just like the numerous stories rings have, it’s time to make one for yourself. Be it gifting to your family members, friends, lovers or simply, yourself, a ring would surely bag all the attention.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I am going to need a good million to buy the perfect ring. Who’s going to give me that?” No worries though, if you can’t afford the expensive ones, go in for artificial rings! They are look-alikes, just made out of non-precious metals which make them affordable. Moreover, you can adorn them anytime, anywhere, with no hesitation as they’re unlikely to get stolen. You shouldn’t be losing a fortune over your favourite ring and artificial rings serve that purpose.

At our store, you can buy artificial rings online and necklace online. They also have a variety of men's rings because why should only women have all the fun! Don’t worry, men, there’s nothing like too many rings. You think you can pull off a Bappi Lahiri ring drama, go do it!

Here is a list of different rings you can opt for-

1)                  Anniversary Rings - As the name suggests, anniversary rings are for well, anniversaries. The bands are either of uniform or tapered width, with limited stones or gems engraved.


2)                  Antique Rings - Antique rings are aged over 75 years. Antique rings are unlike those of today’s contemporary world. They’ve old fashioned designs and have semi-precious (then precious) stones with sophisticated cuts.



3)                  Bands - Bands are of uniform width and are unlikely to have stones or gems engraved in them. They’re simple and mostly relatively inexpensive. People choose to customize these rings with initials, symbols or names.


4)                  Birthstone Rings - As traditions from all over the world go, birthstones of specific months are meant to be good luck charms for those born in the respective months. Thus, making these rings purposeful for the bearer. They can also be designed or customised to your liking.


5)                  Bridal sets – Bridal sets are two perfectly paired rings for a bride to- be. They complement each other as they have similar or contrasting fashions and designs. One of the two rings is an engagement ring, while the other is a wedding ring.


6)                  Cluster Rings – rings with numerous differently sized stones in the broad centre portion are called Cluster Rings. These date way back into time and were considered to be an indication of a family’s wealth. More the number of stones, more wealth the family owned.


7)                  Cocktail Rings- A fairly new addition to the ring family, cocktail rings are fashionable contemporary rings are thick rings worn to dinners and parties. It was first conceptualised and used in the 1930s with newer and trendier designs coming out even today. They weren’t always made of expensive original stones but are rather an imitation of diamonds and other precious stones. The size and the palette of unconventional colours are meant to look lavish and dramatic. Once paired with the right clothes, these rings add to the beauty.


8)                  Eternity Bands - An eternity band is a single row of stones which completely surround the band. They represent the eternal bond of a husband and wife.


9)                  Fashion Rings – Want to make a statement? Wear a fashion ring. They’re the least sophisticated ones you could find. Express or impress, fashion rings could play a dual role in your outfit.


10)              Flexible Rings - Flexible rings are like springs. They’re made of interconnected blocks of metals. Sometimes, they’re also made of rubber or silicone. They’re meant to be of free-sizes so that they fit anybody.


11)              Gimmel Rings - A beauty from the olden times, Gimmel rings symbolised love and attachment. Not only were they used as marital rings but also as a symbol for friendship.


12)              Nugget Rings - These rings get judged a lot. Why so? Nugget rings hold big, raw chunks of metal that are usually unsmoothed. Minimalistic gems are engraved in the ring. Nowadays, ‘feminine’ models of nugget rings are also made.


13)              Puzzle Rings - Is it a puzzle or a ring? Who could say? It’s a ring that is a puzzle. Dated back to the 17th century in Italy, Germany and England, they hold the glory of the creative Europeans.


14)              Solitaire Rings - Solitaire rings are very popular today as they are considered classy and sophisticated. They are small in width with a simple single gemstone protruding from the centre.


15)              Stack Rings - Two or more identical or similar rings are stacked together to form a single ring that could woo any jewellery enthusiast.


Evidently, you have numerous options to choose from. A new day calls for a new ring, and when you have such a variety to choose from, you may fall short of days but never rings and mangalsutra online!

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