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Have you been searching for the best artificial Mangal sutra online?


In this fashionable era, where jewelry is considered as a fashion statement. Women wear the jewelry for making them look good and trendy. Unlike ancient times when Mangal Sutra was considered to be a pious bond for a husband and wife. Nowadays, it is considered as an accessory for some women. Not just gold Mangal sutra are in trend but artificial Mangal Sutra, which comes in unique designs are more famous nowadays.  

It's always hard to find the best mangalsutra online. Through this write up, we are going to guide our users with the necessary details including from where you can find the best stores to buy Mangal Sutra online.

Mangalsutra is considered as a very pure thread in Indian culture women’s designer jewellery. It’s a belief that mangal sutra connect mates for their life. In Hindu tradition, it is said that mangal sutra’s black beads are blessed with divine powers to protect their marriage. It is indeed an essential aspect, which originated in South India and was later adopted by the Northern States of India as well. Mangalsutra name and design differ according to the community and cast. 

There are different varieties of mangal sutra.

1)   Tanmania mangal sutra is the classic combination of gold and black beads.

2)   Mangalsutra Pendant is a very classic and beautiful combination of black beads and gold along with a pendant in it, just like a cherry on the top of a cake. 

Nowadays, mangalsutra shopping has become easier with the online window. One can buy latest and unique mangalsutra of their choice in just one click and it will be at your doorstep.  Women who like wearing sophisticated designs such as floral designs, ancient designs, and etc. can opt for mangalsutra online shopping. The floral design of managal sutra has become very popular among young brides as it gives them a stylish and classic look. Mangalsutra also gives a wave that help in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship between husband and wife. 

The mangalsutra and rings for women is considered to be a magnificent part of fine jewelry. As per the old people it is believed that fats stimulates the Surya-Nadi or the Sun-channel in the woman body and awakens the inherent energy in it.

Why is a Mangal sutra tied to a yellow thread?

Marriage is a bond between two individuals on the basis of trust, understanding and mutual caring. Woman of India considers Mangal Sutra as a symbol of being married. It also indicates she has made a life knot with her beloved partner.

Mangalsutra itself has a great meaning which means auspicious sacred thread, Mainly in Hindu Marriage mangalsutra is a most important thread of the traditions, Without it marriages is incomplete, bride wear mangalsutra to signify that she has shared her life with the person who had tied mangalsutra to her neck, for Hindu bride it’s not just a precious jewelry but it’s a pride 

So, mostly in a south Indian thread of mangalsutra is yellow, which is turmeric and in Hindu traditions, turmeric are meant to be auspicious.


Significant of Mangalsutra 

Newly-wed brides obsess over mangalsutra designs in all their varieties as the piece marks their new journey, but a woman who has been married for a while might have relegated hers to the back of the locker over the years. No matter how diverged your idea of it may be, the mangalsutra is a customary piece that graces every Hindu bride's trinket box—whether she plans to wear it every day or not.

The word mangalsutra can be dissected as a sacred thread or cord, where ‘mangal' refers to auspicious, and ‘sutra' means thread or cord. Its origin can be traced back to South India as early as 6th century BC when a groom tied a yellow thread around his betrothed's hand to signify and protect their union. Fast forward to the present day, the mangalsutra is crafted with a string of black beads and tied on the bride-to-be's neck, believed to ward off the evil eye and negative vibrations.

The 21st-century version of the mangalsutra and necklace for women continues to be crafted with ancient beads as its conventional avatar but is now available in a variety of styles catering to every type of bride, whether she is traditional, modern, or experimental. To keep it relevant, the bridal ornament is being constructed as contemporary regalia for the everyday, instead of a heavy piece that is stowed away for its sentimental value—perfect for millennial brides.

Mangalsutra - Regional Variations & Designs

Although the concept of mangalsutra comes off mainly as a north Indian marriage tradition, most cultures in India have their own variation of the ornament. They differ in structure and material sometimes, but the basic concept is the same. It is said that the concept has migrated to north Indian cultures from that in the south. 

It is known by many a name - Thaali, Dehjoor, Minnu or Mangalyam. Certain communities like the Bengali, Oriya, Assamese or the states in the North east and even among Marwaris, they do not have a custom involving a mangalsutra.

Among the Sikh communities of Punjab, the bride’s father presents a gold kada and gold coins or mohres to the groom, which are then threaded into a black thread and tied around the bride’s neck.


The Present Scenario on Mangalsutra:

In the present days, women started ignoring the values of Mangalsutra. They do not understand its importance and its significance for a married life. They just use it as a simple ornament for style and fashion. They wear it when they are at home and remove them when they step out of the house and when it comes to the working women, they hardly wear the Mangalsutra when they go to their working place.

The designs of Mangalsutra are also changing these days. In the olden days, the designs were simple and only a few designs were available. But now, you will be able to find different kinds of designs, shapes and metals. You can have two strings or even a single string in a Mangal Sutra. You can make it long one or a short one. Whatever is your thought about Mangalsutra, it has definitely got an important place in the life of every women and you should always adore it.

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