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What Makes The Ancient Terracotta Jewellery Most Preferred By Indian?

As of Indian culture has lots of festivals and traditional outfits which are worn from centuries of years ago, there are also tons of varieties of Jewellery for every event and with significant purposes too. One of such ancient ornaments is Terracotta which is made up of natural clay and almost all kinds of jewels are made from it by adding color for a good glaze and possess the best durability. They were worn for hundreds of years ago by almost all women including queens and even kings accompanied by gold thrones and traditional royal wears those were made from high-quality fabrics of that time. Even the attire of kings was woven with gold threads and even embroidery works were also done by gold threads. At present several regions have some very own unique techniques to make these such as Nizamabad, Gorakhpur, Aurangabad etc and all of them have some incredible craftsmanship.

The significance of Terracotta Jewellery

From the archaeological researches, it was known that this kind of ornaments was found in Indus valley civilization which was one of the ancient civilizations in the world. Since then These Jewels are used with some unique significances in various regions. Even now you can see these clay made ornaments in Pushkar and Kumbh Mela of Rajasthan and Kolkata respectively. They add some unique beauty and elegance to Banarasi and Kanchipattu Sarees and Long dresses like Anarkali suits and Plus size Salwars. With every change in modern trends, the style of these jewels has also changed from tradition to fancy gifts for teenagers. However, states like Gujarat has still preserved this old Indian heritage and has some exceptionally skilled workers for designing Terracotta Jewellery.

Preference of Terracotta Jewellery in the latest trend

• Apart from the ancient Indian culture that was owned by every woman before as regular wear; these ornaments look cool and funky too.

• College students prefer these clay made Terracotta jewels on the designer dresses and as a party wear Jewellery too.

• They look super cool on Salwars and long size simple looking kurtis. Almost all plus size dresses that include every traditional wear such as Patiala and Ghagra choli, these look trendy and unique with a simple look.

• Terracotta pendants and necklaces could be a proper Valentine’s Day gift for the loved ones as they look big and cool too which are mostly preferred by teenagers and college girls from all aspects.