Kawa Amalgum Herbal Tea by Seer Secrets By Seer Secrets

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        Starting the day with a hot cup of tea is a daily ritual for most of us. It refreshes you, energizes you and prepare you to face the day ahead. Our Kahwah Amalgam herbal tea is one such beverage which is a unique combination of delicious taste, aroma and a bundle of health benefits. It has been known to be a part of Kashmir's cuisine & widely known as Å“Kashmiri Kahwah. It helps to cleanse the digestive system and improves the metabolism. In kashmiri households, it is served after meals as it aids digestion. It further helps to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. I helps to recharge the body's defence system Being rich in antioxidants, this royal kahwah herbal tea helps to make you feel relaxed and reduces anxiety levels. It further helps to counteract against negative effects of stress induced toxins in the body. The extraordinary ingredients like almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, etc. also works well to cleanse the skin and bring about a natural glow. Sip the Seer Secrets Kahwah Amalgam Herbal Tea to kick start the day and instantly recharge whenever you feel tired or lethargic by Seer Secrets.

        • Key Ingredients:- Star Anise, Green Tea, Rose Petals, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Black Cardamom,Turmeric, Kashmiri Kesar Extract.
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        Product Name Kawa Amalgum Herbal Tea by Seer Secrets By Seer Secrets
        Size 50gm
        Style Herbal Tea
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