Ancient Living Shikakai Hair Cleanser

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        Ancient Living endeavors to bring ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to modern times. Ayurveda is a holistic ancient science which believes in utilizing plant based remedies for human well being. Shikakaki, a nutrient rich ayurvedic herb, has traditionally been used as a hair cleanser. It is known as fruit for hair and is considered a natural hair cleanser. Ancient LivingShikakai powderis made from groundshikakaipods. It is a mild cleanser with a low Ph and does not strip hair of natural oils. A natural alternative to shampoos and surfactant based cleanser. Shikakai is a natural detangler.

        Ancient Living Endeavors To Bring Ancient Wisdom Of Ayurveda To Modern Times. Ayurveda Is A Holistic Ancient Science Which Believes In Utilizing Plant Based Remedies For Human Well Being. Shikakaki, A Nutrient Rich Ayurvedic Herb, Has Traditionally Been Used As A Hair Cleanser. It Is Known As Fruit For Hair And Is Considered A Natural Hair Cleanser. Ancient LivingShikakai PowderIs Made From GroundShikakaiPods. It Is A Mild Cleanser With A Low Ph And Does Not Strip Hair Of Natural Oils. A Natural Alternative To Shampoos And Surfactant Based Cleanser. Shikakai Is A Natural Detangler.

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        Product Name Ancient Living Shikakai Hair Cleanser
        Size 100gm
        Style Hair Care
        Ingredients Shikakai
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        • Offering FREE SHIPPING for orders of $150 or more!