Vedi Herbals Haridra Khand Can

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        Haridrakhand Is A Famous Classical Ayurvedic Formulaion, Where The Main Ingredient Is Organic Turmeric. Loaded With The Goodness Of Turmeric And Other Herbal Powders, This Formulation Is Your Best Bet Against Allergies. It Is Your Umbrella Against All Sorts Of Skin Problems Like Itchiness, Pruritis, Fungal Infections, Hives And Blisters. It Also Keeps Your Skin Glowing And Complexion Clear. Therapeutic Benefits Is Effective In All Type Of Skin Diseases Such As Hives, Inflammation, Skin Bumps, Leaking Fluid From The Skin, Itching And Swollen Skin Rejuvenates And Revitalizes Skin; Delays The Signs Of Aging Like Wrinkles In Skin. Improves Skin Quality And Complexion. Treats Allergic Hives, Allergic Dermatitis, Melasma, Allergic Rhinitis. Is Used To Treat Itching Skin Disorders, Pruritis, Blisters, Fungal Skin Infections. Active Constituents Curcumin, Zingerone, Piperine, Polyphenols & Flavoniods
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        Product Name Vedi Herbals Haridra Khand Can
        Size 100gm
        Ingredients Each 5g contains: Haridra Rz. (Curcuma longa Linn): 1.43g Goghrta (Cow ghee): 1.07g Sunthi Rz. (Zingiber officinale): 179mg Maricha Fr. (Piper nigrum Linn): 179mg Pippali Fr. (Piper Longum Linn): 179mg Tvak St. Bk. (Cinnamomum zeylanicum blume):179mg Ela Sd. (Elettaria Cardamomum): 179mg Tvakpatra Lf. (Cinnamomum tamala): 179mg Vidanga Fr. (Embelia ribes Burn. F.): 179mg Trivrta Rt. (Operculina turpethum): 179mg Haritaki P. (Terminalia chebula Retz): 179mg Bibhitaka P. (Terminalia bellirica Roxb): 179mg Amalaki P. (Emblica officinalis): 179mg Nagakesara Stmn. (Mesua ferrea): 179mg Musta Rt. Tr. (Cyperus rotundus Linn): 179mg Lauha Bhasma (Calcined Lauha): 179mg
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