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        Neem, A Powerful Medicine In Ayurveda, Was Commonly Termed As “Village Dispensary” In Ancient Time Because Of Its Versatile Therapeutic Value. It'S Incredible Cooling Effect Keeps The Skin Healthy And Complexion Clear. It Detoxifies The Body And Boosts The Immunity. Neem Also Supports In Killing Parasites, Cleansing Liver, Increasing Metabolism, Reducing Inflammation And Purifying Blood. Neem Leaves Extract Is Standardized To 3% Bitter Content. Therapeutic Benefits Neem Is Called As “Sarva Roga Nivarini” Or “That Which Cures All Diseases And Features Prominently In Traditional Medical Systems Like Ayurveda. Antioxidant: It Contains Potent Antioxidants Such As Quercetin And Nimbolide, Which Can Protect Against The Damaging Effects Of Free Radicals Antiseptic: Is Effective In Treating Eczema, Scabies, Ringworm, And Some Forms Of Dermatitis Antigastric Ulcer: It Inhibits The Formation Of Ulcers In The Stomach And Intestines Due To Presence Of A Glycoside Antibacterial: Is Effective Against M. Tuberculosis And Other Gram-Negative And Gram-Positive Bacteria Is Effective In Treating Malaria Anticancer: Neem Extract Has An Antitumor Polysaccharide That Inhibits The Growth Of Some Tumors Protects Liver From Toxic Damage Caused Due To Harmful Chemicals And Some Medicines Active Constituents Nimbidin
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        Product Name Vedi Herbals Neem
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        Ingredients Each 500mg Capsule contains: Neem (Azadiracta indica) leaves extract: 500mg & Excipients Q.S.
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