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Read to know about the latest colour trends in bridal Indian Outfits

In this write up we have tried to cover the latest changing colour trends used in bridal Indian dresses and other party wear outfits.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a wedding is the bridal couture with its traditional glitz and glamour. Some prefer to wear their heirloom Indian dresses and jewelry, while some want the latest designer wear. Every season there is a new range of festival dresses, some we like and some not so much. Whether it’s a saree or a lehenga or a gown, enough thought is being put into it, by everyone. Brides are experimenting with colours, prints, embroidery, and breaking the age old shackles of wearing reds, pinks, or gold. There are a plethora of choices out there, to the extent that they can be overwhelming especially when you are already worked up with other decisions to be made and the last one being your party wear outfits. But nonetheless, it is as important as everything else.

In the recent times, we have witnessed brides experimenting successfully with pastel shades, contrary to the bright and bold patterns used traditionally in festival dresses. This trend was started by a famed celebrity couple but really caught the eye of every single bride to be. The soothing colours and intricate embroidery can now be seen in almost every bride’s trousseau and very rightfully so. Indian outfits are being experimented by every single designer out there and we are quite happy about it.Party wear outfits in subdued shades are being loved and adorned by people all across the globe.

Long flared lehengas with minimal jewelry was another trend which surfaced recently. Indian dresses coupled with smart crop tops and heavy dupattas could be seen on social media and left a huge mark too. If you are trying to find festival dresses online then this is the style you need to be looking out for. The colour red has been associated with party wear outfits for as long as one can remember. This auspicious colour is not being left behind, if that’s what you are thinking. Designers all across the country are trying to experiment with different shades of red, refining the traditional touch. Net-work is back in vogue. Beautiful embellishments on this thin material pop out giving a rich look to the bride and not being heavy, literally and figuratively.

Some of the most commonly used embroidery in bridal outfits are dabka and zari. Both of these with heavy embellishments give the bride a royal look. Whether you are wearing a saree or a lehenge or any of the other Indian dresses, you will always see a hint of these embroidery. Finding the right Indian jewelry to go with this kind of work is also not difficult. They complement both heavy and minimal settings. Festival dresses are often chose to match the jewelry the bride is adorning and with the number of options available in stores and online, it is not a big deal anymore.

Another very popular color is the use of yellow in weddings. It is bright, young, perky, and lights up the whole room. Maybe not as an option for the main bridal wear but the peripheral attires can be seen in this happy shade. Mehendi and Haldi are again very important functions which are part of the main wedding ceremony. A lot of brides and bridesmaids tend to opt for both bright or even light shade of yellow. Another famous designer has created some beautiful Indian dresses in all shades of canary. Green is yet another popular option amongst the people who are attending the wedding. Green and gold has been a royal combination and women all over are not shy to adorn them. A lot of brides have been also spotted in party wear outfits in different shades of green and yellow. Blue is another favorite when it comes to traditional wear. Midnight blue with gold zardozi is a favorite of the designers and women, alike. We sure do love to stand out in beautiful colours!

And if you are not shy to go all out then multi coloured party wear outfits are just for you. A bunch of women have been seen sporting something absolutely right of the box and they look beautiful! Yes, we are talking about using all colours from the spectrum in your skirt. It is not bizarre. Have a look and you will know that we are right. Designers are also taking their creativity a notch higher by not shying away from colours. They also make the right choice for smaller functions if you want to stick to traditional colours for the big day. We are super happy to see the brides come out of the age long traditions and adding a little bit of quirk to their outfits.

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