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What Is The Role Of Jewelry With Indian Attires?

Dressing up with the best looking attire on marriage day the topmost priority for any Indian bride and jewelry is a vital part of it. India is known to have the highest models and designs of jewels in the world due to preference and significance given to ornaments in the country. Moreover, wedding wear jewelry symbolizes something cultural or traditional that refers to each and every Indian jewelry collection. The cultural diversity of every region in India possesses some unique jewelry with its own significance.

Role and significance of wedding jewelry:

Indian Sarees are also known to have much importance in marriage according to their respective regions. A proper marriage is known to have a long list of jewels, Sarees, and all other ornaments to be worn by the bride and groom on the days of marriage. Moreover, bangles, earrings, anklets, kamarbandh, Maang Tikka, Toe rings, Necklace, Nath etc has their own importance in marriage not only for the bride but also for relations too which altogether forms a proper wedding wear jewelry in India. This is why it is the country of Colors as every tradition and culture of it spreads eye pleasing Colors in every known event.

Dressing styles according to tradition

Ethnic women dresses such as Sarees, long Anarkali suits, salwar, and Punjabi dress are the clothing with good festive vibes all over India. Apart from that, Muslim cultures also have their own significance of dresses in Eid Ramadan and many other festivals. Mainly Eid outfits with Punjabi dresses and Anarkali suits with good embroidery works are the center of attraction in Ramadan days. Muslims have their unique taste of wedding wear jewelry and their clothing such as embroidery design Anarkali are popular all over the world. Although ornaments of Muslims don't match to the Hindu weddings, the simple and classic style of ornaments is quite classy in weddings.

Jewelleries adapted by Indian Islamic women

Besides all festivals of Hindus, Muslim festival has a pristine style of dressing which is followed by the Muslims all over the world and the same follows to the Eid-al -Fitr too. Hijab and Niqab dresses for Muslim girls are also stitched for cotton and silk kurtas covering them from head to toe. Most ornaments with properly covered Anarkali suits are worn by Muslim girls as a part of wedding wear jewelry which looks royal with golden trinklets from head to toe. Of them, the most popular ornaments is the water drop shaped earrings and dripping in a gold necklace that enhances the charm of the bride looking traditional at the same time. Casual wears such as cotton Anarkali dresses are also preferred by Islamic culture women but these are far more nurtured with proper Hijab or Niqab looks which reflects their culture in the simplest way. However, every religion in India has their own dressing style in wedding and festivals which may change from region to region but the basic style of wears surely represents their tradition which probably makes a colorful India with many traditions.

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